Welcome to collabraCode();

  • Do you want to become a better developer?
  • Do you want to help create better developers in the New York area?
  • Do you want to build real skills so you can code better, faster and more effectively?
  • Do you have a product idea you want to build?
  • Do you want to show off your skills to other companies and fellow coders?

Then collabraCode(); is for you.

WTF is collabraCode();?

Estimated Program effort

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collabraCode(); is a six week program designed to bring beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert developers together to work on projects through mini-hackathons on their favorite language and/or frameworks while training each other toward becoming better developers.

Instead of a 36 hour marathon or a once-a-week course, collabraCode(); is designed to give you a regular workout over the course of six weeks – focusing on delivery of projects that can be used to hone your skills and improve your project portfolio.

Waitaminute – isn’t this pair/peer programming?

Yes – collabraCode(); is borrowing liberally from the concepts of pair programming, weight-training classes and project-based learning – and maybe a dash of gamification if we feel randy enough. But the real why is we believe that everyone can contribute to the learning of others – and by working together to deliver projects, we can become better developers and create connections that ensure continued learning.

Rather than a single “teacher”/trainer, we are working with members of the program to be content facilitators – ensuring that the program is more about doing and less about staring. More about coding and less about absorbing.

Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something – here’s a 56 hour head start.

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