The teams are assigned! What are the bugs?

We have started Week 4 – and have completed the vocabulary series and moved onto some more interesting topics such as Canvas and Five Different Types of Bugs. Burak gave a demo of a pendulum clock using canvas and showed:

  • mandelbug – a bug whose causes are so complex that its behavior appears chaotic or even non-deterministic
  • bohrbug – a bug that manifests itself consistently under a well-defined (but possibly unknown) set of conditions
  • heisenbug – a bug that is impacted by the environment that is testing the bug
  • schrödinbug – a bug that manifests only after someone reading source code or using the program in an unusual way notices that it never should have worked in the first place, at which point the program promptly stops working for everybody until fixed.
  • “soft error” – when your hardware makes a mistake or “solar flares”

Projects are assigned!

And, after many interviews and presentations, we are happy to announce that we have four projects for companies in the City. These projects are:

  •‘s CTO is working with a team to develop a new interface for their back-end API for tracking topic trends
  • HaraPartners

  • HaraPartners is working with a team to update the open-source project MantisBT from a Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 interface
  • Mantis Bug Tracker

  • Mendeley is working with a team to develop a new interface to expose their API capabilities to customers
  • <img src="" alt="Mendeley" title="Mendeley" width="130" class="alignright wp-image-159" srcset=" 339w, http://www.collabracode online cialis×58.png 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 339px) 100vw, 339px” />

  • Natali Labs is working with a team to develop a new Madlibs game using jQuery interfaces
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