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Josh KehnJoshua KehnJoshua Kehn is a software developer with a penchant for bleeding edge technology. Fluent in JavaScript, PHP, Grails, and MongoDB, he applies these skills towards engineering high availability systems.
Aalok ShahAalok ShahAalok Shah is a software developer specializing in Python, Java, and Go on the backend and comfortable with the latest HTML5/JavaScript on the frontend. Aalok is a graduate of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in Computer Science.
Burak KanberBurak KanberBurak Kanber is a software engineer who specializes in creating agile web applications as well as software to solve engineering problems. He attended Cooper Union as a student of mechanical engineering where he worked on control systems and hybrid vehicle design. Burak has 13 years of experience in software development with expertise in PHP and JavaScript. He’s a founder and CTO of publishing startup Tidal Labs (seed funded by DreamIT), as well as the lead engineer at School Hub. Burak’s combined passion is solving problems creatively and marrying engineering and art.
Sanford DickertSanford DickertSanford is a Product Expeditor found at the crossroads of engineering, product marketing and business development. Depending on the market opportunity or physical location, he takes on roles in product management, technology leadership or startup creation. Known in the Silicon Valley, NY Tech scene or the London Silicon Roundaboout, Sanford is often seen as a catalyzing force bringing about rapid change and development to products in the technology space. You can learn more at

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