collabraCode(); Vision

The collabraCode(); vision is that collabraCode(); will become a template that other languages/frameworks groups will leverage and grow more developers.

Our first program is designed around JavaScript and jQuery – based on a recent Quora question in NYC around commonly used programming languages and frameworks. The next likely candidate will be python/django in conjunction with NYCPython and nycdjango.

Long term goals

As the process of collaborative coding extends, collabraCode(); will:

  • extend to other languages and frameworks,
  • allow for skills mapping to different developer levels, and
  • create a framework for peer accreditation for different languages and frameworks.

Inspiration for collabraCode();

The inspiration for collabraCode(); came from a number of factors:

  • noting of the challenges of finding skilled developers for tech projects in normally non-technical areas
  • noting the inherent collaborative nature of programming as evidenced in XP programming, the success of stackOverflow and the continual use of IRC for collaboration
  • noting there was no common metric to determine the skill level of developers in any programming discipline (e.g., how do you rank one programmer over another) except personal reference
  • noting that aside from beginning programming courses, skills practice was always left to on-the-job or by the lonesome of the individual developer

With the recent enthusiasm for NYC and the surrounding area to become more tech savvy, and a number of tech notables pointing out the need for more “developers”. The goal of collabraCode(); is to not only grow more developers, but to grow better developers.

While search engines, stackOverflow and IRC chats offer ways of improving knowledge, it is our premise that nothing is better than in-person contact with better developers to practice great development techniques and grow better developers.

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